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Ballo Baroque is more than an ensemble, it is an exciting project focused on making the Italian musical repertoire from the first half of the 18th century better known and understood for modern audiences.

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Ballo has been on a journey - performing and recording amazing new discoveries within the rarely heard baroque repertoire. Not to be one-sided, we rounded out the journey with some beautiful baroque favourites.

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Ballo has exciting plans for the future, including several modern-day premieres of Baroque operas and instrumental pieces both in concert and on recording; with performances in interesting venues throughout London.
Reviews for Ballo Baroque

Review from Ballo’s concert at the Goettingen Historical Music Series in Germany: They play largely as a sonic unit: they pulsate together in the music, seemingly permeated by one common breath…  Scotting thrilled with the catchy ‘Fammi combattere’ from ‘Orlando’ and was touching with a serious aria from ‘Rodelinda’…  The violinists have their big show with two demanding trio sonatas by violin virtuoso Arcangelo Corelli…

Review from a concert at the London Handel House Museum: I found myself riveted.  Part of the reason for this was Scotting’s gorgeous low notes… but I was also caught by his grasp of the aria’s emotion.  He sang lightly and clearly, but with heart-rending feeling…  Marie van Rhijn played with poise, crispness and grace.  Her skill was most evident during her rendition of an improvised harp solo