Duets for the Duchess
Love Themed Duet Cantatas by G.B. Bononcini

Duets for the Duchess is a programme of secular duet cantatas by G.B. Bononcini (a contemporary of Handel) who composed for the Royal Academy of Music in London during the 1720s.   It recreates an evening from 1726 when the Duchess of Marlborough, hosted two of the most famous singers from the London stage, the alto castrato Senesino and the soprano Cuzzoni.  Countertenor Randall Scotting and soprano Rowan Pierce will bring to life this series of fun and playful cantatas containing arias, recitatives, and several duets which have been quietly awaiting revival in the library of the Royal College of Music in London.

6:30pm Thursday
19 June 2014

Handel House Museum
25 Brook Street
London W1K 4H

6:30pm Friday
17 January 2014

V&A Museum, Norfolk Room
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL

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