Handel's Rivals
The Best Music from Handel's Competition in 1730's London!

The opera scene in London in the 1730’s was cut throat! The singer Senesino was famous for working with Handel but they never really got along.  After 11 years in London, Senesino finally garnered his own patrons and founded his rival opera company Opera of the Nobility.  He did his best to bankrupt Handel by bringing in his own star singers from Italy to perform in some spectacular shows by composers that were fairly new to London like Nicola Porpora & Johann Adolph Hasse.  This program explores that time for both Handel and Senesino’s Opera.  It’s full of virtuosic music written for singers at the top of their field and the height of their vocal accomplishments.

1:00pm Friday
27 June 2014

St James’s Piccadilly
197 Piccadilly
London W1J 9LL

Concert Musicians
  • Countertenor
  • George Ross

    Baroque 'Cello
  • Louisa Tatlow

    Baroque Viola
  • Marie van Rhijn

  • Katarina Đorđević

    Baroque Violin
  • Katie Stevens

    Baroque Violin