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Ballo has exciting plans for the future including several modern day premieres of Baroque operas and instrumental pieces both in concert and on recording; with interesting performances at venues throughout London.  We hope that you will consider helping to secure our future success by supporting the revival of beautiful music that has not been heard for centuries.  We will gratefully accept help in many different ways, fiscal sponsorship is our most obvious and essential need, but we would also be happy to talk with you about other creative kinds of assistance: space for a performance, the loan of an instrument, or any number of other things that can insure our growth and vitality.

If you are interested in donating to Ballo’s future work and performances please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Curious about the best way to provide a donation?  Please send us an email or give us a call.  In addition to fiscal sponsorship, the varied forms of support often take a few extra conversations to arrange — we’re keen to answer any questions you may have, and would be happy to meet or chat about specific types of support.

Types of Support
We have exciting performances happening every season, including many modern-day premieres always in development. Help bring these works to life by helping to fund a season.
As simple as a private dinner among friends, or a more formal evening of drinks and canapes, Ballo Baroque would welcome any opportunity to collaborate on a memorable event. Your guests experience an intimate concert of baroque favorites and rarely heard discoveries - all for the benefit of securing the future of Ballo Baroque performances.
Although we strive to secure young and talented London-based musicians, sometimes this music requires a unique approach from outside London. To this end, we occasionally invite a guest singer or instrumentalist to join the ensemble for a project. Providing an artist home-stay means we can invite the right musician for the right concert, pay a fair fee, and offer comfortable accommodation -- all through your support. (Typically, the stays range from 4-7 nights.) If you have a spare bedroom and would enjoy hosting an artist, we're excited to chat more with you, please get in touch!
Covering artist fees for each performance is one of the most financially challenging aspects of any ensemble's concert season. From our inaugural concert in 2013, musicians working with Ballo Baroque have generously donated their time and their skill in order to build up the ensemble -- viewed as an investment in future projects. Performing and premiering newly rediscovered music requires continued time, skill and commitment from our core ensemble as well as talent from guest musicians. Your contribution in helping to fund artist fees will guarantee consistent high-quality performances while ensuring the future growth of our ensemble.
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